Famous Golf Players

In the last century or so, golf has proven to be a very popular sport around the world. The rise of this sport has brought riches and fame to a lot of golfers, and some may argue that the sport has never been as popular as it is today in history.

That being said, golf would never have reached the heights it has today if it weren’t for some golfers who did more than just play the sport. Today, we’ll be looking at some famous golfers who helped the sport reach the heights it has today:

Gary Player

This golfer from South Africa was called the Black Knight. This was because he usually wore all black attire on the course. He is the most successful non-American golfer ever. In his prime, he put up quite a fight against the likes of Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer. He ended his career with 9 Majors. He is also the only non-American golfer to complete a career grand slam. He has also been involved in the design of more than three-hundred golf courses.

Ben Hogan

Not only was Hogan incredibly successful and talented, but he was also known for having the closest to perfect golf swings in history. There was nobody who prepared or practiced more than he did. Nobody spent as much time as he did working on techniques and swing dynamics. This is why he is often considered the best ever striker of a golf ball in history. In 1953, Hogan won five out of the 6 tournaments he participated in, including three Majors. This feat is now called the Hogan slam.

Tiger Woods

While some might say, he is the best golfer in the world, it is only his shenanigans off the golf course that have made him as popular as he is today. There’s no denying he was a great golfer and everyone knew him, but being embroiled in so many court cases ensured his golfing career was coming to an end, but his popularity and fame only increased.