Famous Left-handed Tennis Players

There are a lot of popular tennis players out there, but today, we are going to talk about a few of the most popular left-handed ones:

Rafael Nadal

He is the only active player on this list. He has won 14 grand slams despite being around in the same era as other greats like Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer. He is most deadly when playing on clay courts. He has claimed more than 160 victories since 2005. He can certainly break a few more records before he retires.

John McEnroe

He was probably the most effective tennis player in the 70s. He has won 7 grand slams. Some say he had the best backhand in the history of tennis. Unfortunately, he had quite the temper and is often remembered for it. He has had a number of heated arguments with judges during games. This led to him being given the nickname, the “Unhealthy Boy of Tennis.”

Jimmy Connors

This American tennis player made it into 15 grand slam finals and managed to win 8 of them. He was one of John McEnroe’s biggest opponents, and they faced off on multiple occasions on the tennis courts. The professionalism and calm demeanour of Connors was the perfect counter to the hot-headed McEnroe.

Rod Laver

When people discuss the finest tennis players ever, Rod Laver is one name that just cannot be mentioned enough. The main reason why not many people talk of Rod is because he was from a different time. However, this savvy Australian managed to win eleven grand slams in the 60s and was considered one of the best amateur tennis players in the world for a very long time. He is among the only five other tennis players who have actually won a grand slam on all the three playing surfaces, clay, grass, and hard court.