Tennis and Golf Casino Bonus

There are a lot of athletes who often complain about pain in their elbows which is usually because of continuous stress. Tennis players and golfers are susceptible to these conditions that are pretty similar. They are called tennis and golf elbow. Sometimes, it might get a little difficult to tell the difference between the two. But, there are a few signs which can help you distinguish between them.

Tennis Elbow

If you have trouble picking something up or if even moving your elbow is difficult, you might have tennis elbow. The condition affects the back of your arm between the hand and elbow. This is why it becomes painful to try and pick things up. If your elbows’ outside feels tender and you have trouble picking things up, chances are you are suffering from tennis elbow.

Golf Elbow

If you have trouble lifting things or moving them and experience pain inside your elbow all the way to your wrist, then you may just have golf elbow. The condition is seen frequently since it affects the muscles inside your arm. It can also be caused by neck pain, so if you haven’t done anything for overworking your arm; the problem might just be caused by neck conditions. Any medical conditions or injuries like arthritis could also cause this condition in people.


Knowing all the signs will make it easier for you to distinguish between both conditions. For both tennis and golf elbow, the main treatment is basically R-I-C-E, i.e., rest, ice, compress, and elevate. If the pain is too much, you could also consider anti-inflammatory medications. But, it is always recommended that you get a proper diagnosis from a registered medical professional. This way you will know what is going on for sure and can get the necessary treatment. While you’re resting, you could consider claiming a casino bonus and trying some online games.